Tracking Gun Violence Losses Under Biden

As gun deaths and injuries reach crisis levels across the country and congressional Republicans continue to block lifesaving legislation, President Joe Biden must lead by doing everything and anything he can to prioritize gun violence reduction.

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Gun Violence Numbers

President Biden has fallen far short of the gun violence reform he promised during his campaign and has failed to take every available action in the face of congressional inaction to save lives. Share the statistics below via your Twitter account to demand action from the president and his administration.

last updated 06.27.2023

Change We Need

The Biden administration can reduce gun violence by authorizing these changes today to save lives tomorrow:

Establish a National Office of Gun Violence Prevention

To ensure this issue is a top priority, streamline the government's efforts to reduce violence, engage key stakeholders and survivors from across the country, and establish a long-term, sustained effort to save lives.

Invest in Community Violence Intervention Programs

President Biden must put the power of the presidency behind a legislative push to invest in community programs that help disrupt cycles of interpersonal gun violence, aggressively hold city leaders accountable for expanding such programs, and ensure that community funding is included in must-pass legislation.

Hold the Gun Industry Accountable

The Biden administration must work hard to confirm its Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) director nominee, who will effectively regulate manufacturers and dealers and guide ongoing efforts to reduce firearm trafficking.

Use the Presidential Bully Pulpit

Coordinate a unified, national response to the gun violence epidemic by taking executive action.

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Illinois+23California+23Pennsylvania+20Texas+15Tennessee+15North Carolina+13New York+12Ohio+11Michigan+11Maryland+10


Invest in a Safer Future

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  • “Gun Deaths” represent the number of individuals killed by homicide, unintentional shootings, defensive shootings, and suicide. Suicide numbers are not based on realtime data — they are estimated at 66 per day based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics.
  • "Mass Shootings" are defined as incidents of four or more individuals killed or injured in a single event.
  • “Minors Killed” represents individual children (0–11 years old) and teens (12–17 years old) killed
  • “Minors Injured” represents individual children (0–11 years old) and teens (12–17 years old) injured
  • "Unintentional Shootings" represent the number of incidents, not the number of individual victims.
  • “Officers Killed or Injured” represents individual officers killed or injured
  • “Subject-suspect Killed or Injured” represents individual subject/suspects/perpetrators killed or injured in an officer involved incident
  • “Shootings in the Past 72 hrs” represents the number of gun violence incidents per state over the last 72 hours.